The mission of the Pawtuckaway Lake Improvement Association (PLIA) is to monitor and act upon environmental and safety issues that affect Pawtuckaway Lake, picture1to educate the public on the conservation, protection, and improvement of  water quality, natural shoreline, wildlife habitat, recreational resources, safety, and natural resources as they pertain to the welfare and interests of Pawtuckaway Lake.  To that end, the PLIA collaborates with conservation commissions, planning boards, state and federal entities, land trusts and other conservation organizations working to conserve or protect natural resources that have an impact on the Lamprey River watershed that includes Pawtuckaway Lake.  We invite you to explore these pages, become informed about our organization, come visit and enjoy our “little piece of paradise”, become a PLIA member, and consider joining our dedicated volunteers to help us achieve our mission.  You’ll be in good company!


Our Website Has a New Photo Gallery

Dollof Dam during the 1985 drawdown

Our collection of photos from when the lake was drawn down really low is now available to view in its own separate Photo Gallery on this website. Read more…



PLIA is now on Instagram

The Pawtuckaway Lake Improvement Association now has an Instagram account, Read  more

State Announces Fall Drawdown

NH DES has published its list of fall lake drawdowns. Read more..





PLIA Volunteers Declare Victory Over Roadside Trash

As part of New Hampshire’s Clean and Scenic Highway Program, PLIA volunteers fanned out along a stretch of Route 156 Sunday morning to pick up roadside trash. Read more…



Recap of Annual PLIA Meeting

Did you miss the Annual Meeting on July 25th? It was held as a video conference and we are happy to say the videos are available for you to view at your convenience. To see them, click here…



PLIA Annual Meeting This Saturday, July 25th at 9:30 AM!

If you are wondering what the PLIA is and what it does, please join us for our Annual Meeting, to be conducted on Zoom.  Read more…





It’s Almost Time for the Fourth of July Boat Parade

Every year, to celebrate our nation’s birthday, the PLIA sponsors a boat parade around Pawtuckaway lake on July 4th. All are welcome to join in! Read more….




Our Spring Newsletter  PawPrints is Out!

This year our newsletter focuses on aquatic invasive species, since Variable Milfoil is still a major threat to our lake.

You can also find out about our Annual Meeting, with more details to be published as we draw nearer the date. Read more here...



PayPal is Now an Easy Way to Join, Contribute, or Renew Your Membership

Membership donations are the primary means of support for the Pawtuckaway Lake Improvement Association. The Programs described on these pages and all other activities of our organization depend on the generosity of our members and donors. In this electronic age, we want to make it simple for you to support our work, and PayPal offers that option. You can read more about Membership and learn about the different ways you can help our mission to keep Pawtuckaway clean and healthy. Recreational opportunities, wildlife diversity, and the beauty of natural resources are worth preserving!

New Guide to Milfoil on Pawtuckaway Lake

Our Milfoil Management Program has grown in size and strength since its inception in 2016. For that reason, we decided it merits its own expanded page. Check it out here… In addition, Neil Santos, Chair of our Milfoil Management Program, has written a history and explanation of the problem of variable milfoil in Pawtuckaway Lake. It includes what steps the PLIA is taking to rid the lake of this weed and what people should know about how best to support these efforts and help contain it. We recommend you take a look at this informative and helpful guide here…

Mud Season in the Time of Social Distancing

As long as you have to stay at home, you might as well do some yard work! For some tips from NH LAKES on how to clean up winter storm damage and keep our lake safe and healthy, read here…



PLIA Membership Stickers for 2020 Are Out!

You can get your beautiful PLIA stickers by joining or renewing your membership now! Read more…..


You Can Support the PLIA Whenever you Shop at Amazon Smile!

Learn how easy it is to make regular donations–at no cost–to the PLIA whenever you shop. When you buy anything through Amazon Smile, Amazon donates!  Read more…

2019 Resource Booklet is Now Available

As a service to visitors, campers, vacationers, and residents on Pawtuckaway Lake, the PLIA has put together a “Welcome Booklet” designed to introduce our organization to the public and describe the opportunities that Pawuckaway offers to all. The last such Booklet was published in 2015. It was time for an update!

In this Booklet you will find a history of the PLIA, a description of its current Programs, information about Pawtuckaway Lake, some guidelines for enjoying and protecting the lake and its natural resources, and many references to other organizations or government agencies that team with us to keep the lake healthy and safe. We hope you will patronize the businesses that have sponsored this publication, and that you will become a member of the PLIA.

You’ll find it on the Menu bar and you can also click here to read it. Welcome to Pawtuckaway Lake!


Slide Show on Aquatic Invasive Species

Spring is finally here and the growing season for invasives is here, too! There is an informative presentation that Amy Smagula, of NH DES, prepared specifically for Pawtuckaway Lake. NOW is the perfect time to take another look at it or check it out if you haven’t already seen it. Click here…


Now There’s an Easier Way to View Our Photos

Our three photo galleries–Wildlife, Boat Parade, and Scenic–can now be viewed as slide shows! That enables you to look at and enjoy each separate photo, enlarged and uncrowded by all the other ones on the page. Each gallery page has simple instructions on how to start watching, how to advance to the next photo, or how to choose one to view by itself. We have added three buttons to this Home page, each of which will take you to a different photo gallery with one click. Scroll down below to find them. Enjoy! And remember, we are happy to post photos taken by any of you Pawtuckaway Lake lovers out there! Just email us at  Info@PawtuckawayLake.com with an attachment of your photo. After all, that’s where our photos came from in the first place!

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