The mission of the Pawtuckaway Lake Improvement Association (PLIA) is to monitor and act upon environmental and safety issues that affect Pawtuckaway Lake, picture1to educate the public on the conservation, protection, and improvement of  water quality, natural shoreline, wildlife habitat, recreational resources, safety, and natural resources as they pertain to the welfare and interest of Pawtuckaway Lake.  To that end, the PLIA collaborates with conservation commissions, planning boards, state and federal entities, land trusts and other conservation organizations working to conserve or protect natural resources that have an impact on the Lamprey River watershed that includes Pawtuckaway Lake.  We invite you to explore these pages, become informed about our organization, come visit and enjoy our “little piece of paradise”, become a PLIA member, and consider joining our dedicated volunteers to help us achieve our mission.  You’ll be in good company!



New Milfoil Divers on the Lake!

Recently three new certified SCUBA divers were specially trained to remove milfoil found in Pawtuckaway Lake. Read more here….



Lyrics to Annual Meeting Sing Along

A number of years ago, our President Tom Duffy wanted to capture the attention of some school children and teach them about lake ecology.  He decided to write some amusing but educational lyrics to be sung to the tune of Three Blind Mice. At the PLIA’s Annual Meeting on June 8, he led a rousing chorus of the song. There are some good lessons hidden amid the silly verses.  Check out the lyrics here…


A Good Time Was Had by All

The PLIA’s Annual Meeting at the Pawtuckaway State Park Pavilion took place on June 8, 2019 and was well-attended. Read more about it  here….



Slide Show on Aquatic Invasive Species

Spring is finally here and the growing season for invasives is here, too! There is an informative presentation that Amy Smagula, of NH DES, prepared specifically for Pawtuckaway Lake. NOW is the perfect time to take another look at it or check it out if you haven’t already seen it. Click here…


Outdoor Jobs Available!

This is a local opportunity at Pawtuckaway Lake for high school or college students,  teachers, retirees, or anyone who likes working outdoors. Read more…

Now There’s an Easier Way to View Our Photos

Our three photo galleries–Wildlife, Boat Parade, and Scenic–can now be viewed as slide shows! That enables you to look at and enjoy each separate photo, enlarged and uncrowded by all the other ones on the page. Each gallery page has simple instructions on how to start watching, how to advance to the next photo, or how to choose one to view by itself. We have added three buttons to this Home page, each of which will take you to a different photo gallery with one click. Scroll down below to find them. Enjoy! And remember, we are happy to post photos taken by any of you Pawtuckaway Lake lovers out there! Just email us at  Info@PawtuckawayLake.com with an attachment of your photo. After all, that’s where our photos came from in the first place!

Photo Galleries

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