Pawtuckaway Lake boasts many opportunities for the angler to explore its coves and rocky hiding places for fish of all kinds.  For those age 16 and older, it is necessary to obtain a fishing license before embarking on this recreational activity.  These permits are available at several local stores and businesses, as well as online.

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Many folks on Pawtuckaway Lake, whether residents, campers, or visitors, practice catch and release fishing.

Everyone is reminded that lead sinkers and jigs (lead-weighted hooks) have been OUTLAWED in New Hampshire.  Effective June 1, 2016, a new law prohibits the sale or use of small lead sinkers and jigs.  Previously enacted legislation already prohibits the use of certain size lead sinkers and jigs in all fresh waters of New Hampshire. The new ban will prohibit the use and sale of lead sinkers and jigs weighing 1 ounce or less, regardless of length.  Lead is a poison to wildlife!  Loons and other water birds can die from lead poisoning after swallowing lead fishing sinkers and jigs lost by anglers.  A loon will die from lead poisoning approximately two to four weeks after ingesting lead tackle.

Anglers can use steel, tungsten, tin, or other materials.  They should also dispose of their old lead gear properly at any Fish and Game office or the Loon Preservation Center in Moultonborough.