A Board of Directors was created when the membership voted to adopt a new set of Bylaws at the Annual Meeting in June of 2014. In the photo above, left to right:  Vice president Tom Duffy; Treasurer Ed Kotowski; Secretary Pam Kelly; President John Decker.  The Board has created and manages several ad hoc and standing committees.  Board meetings generally take place on a monthly basis and PLIA members are welcome to attend.


  • Mike Coltin, term expiring 2019
  • John Decker, President, term expiring 2020
  • Tom Duffy, term expiring 2019
  • Chris Fortin, term expiring 2019
  • Susan Hayes, term expiring 2019
  • Pam Kelly, Secretary,  term expiring 2020
  • Ed Kotowski, Treasurer,  term expiring 2020
  • Dennis Lucia, term expiring 2019
  • John Morin, Vice-President, term expiring 2020
  • Steve Soreff,  term expiring 2020
  • Peter White, term expiring 2019


  • Water Testing: Chair, Mark Wageling
  • Lake Hosts: Program Manager and Point Person, Dee Decker–603 498-3830, email
  • Weed Watchers: Co-Chairs Peggy Tucker and Steve Soreff–603 568-3202, email
  • Milfoil Management: Chair Neil Santos–603 437-8468, email
  • Membership: Chair, Mike Coltin
  • Communications: Chair, Pam Kelly
  • Government Relations: Chair, Tom Duffy