A Board of Directors was created when the membership voted to adopt a new set of Bylaws at the Annual Meeting in June of 2014. Officers elected in 2023 are (from left to right above) President Steve Soreff; Vice-President Pete Wawrzonek; Treasurer Les Thompson, and Secretary Pam Kelly.  The Board has created and manages several ad hoc and standing committees.  Board meetings generally take place on a monthly basis via Zoom and PLIA members are welcome to attend.

Anyone interested in inspecting the records of the PLIA is welcome to do so. Please contact us at to make arrangements.



  • Water Testing: Chair, Mark Wageling
  • Lake Hosts: Program Manager and Point Person, Dee Decker–603 498-3830, email
  • Weed Watchers: Co-Chairs Peggy Tucker and Steve Soreff–603 568-3202, email
  • Milfoil Team: Chair, Neil Santos–603 437-8468, email
  • Membership and Fundraising: Chair, Shelly Heit
  • Communications: Chair, Pam Kelly
  • Road Clean Up:  Chair, Peter White
  • Road Representatives: Chair, Pete Wawrzonek
  • Government Liaison: Chair, Tom Duffy