This year the Boat Parade was a riot of color and themes! There seemed to be more decorated boats than ever (did anyone manage a head – er – boat count?)

Movies and programs were represented from South Pacific to Dumb and Dumber to the African Queen to Sponge Bob. Pirates, ice cream truck, flames, undersea creatures, mushrooms, love, ice hockey, water gun Olympics, bubble bath, alien invasions, flamingo, antique boat, and Legos also made an appearance. Not to mention plenty of good old-fashioned Stars and Stripes!

Water blasters were in great abundance and participants cooled off from the hot weather by directing streams of water at each other. Responses to water cannons on board came from all directions, including a powerful challenge launched by “spectators” on docks and rafts around the lake.

Photos taken by residents and PLIA members have been collected and posted here for your enjoyment. You can also look at this and past years’ boat parade photos on this website, here. Thank you all, for a fun and safe boat parade – one of our favorite traditions!

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