Letter Writing Campaign About Pawtuckaway State Park Expansion

NH Parks and Recreation has plans to add 35 RV campsites at Pawtuckaway State Park. The current design to the right shows them all grouped on or near the waterfront along the North Channel.

The State Park system is self-funding, so revenue generated from fees does not go into the general fund but is rather used to pay for personnel and maintenance needs of all the state parks. The plan to expand Pawtuckaway campsites is intended to increase revenue and the Pawtuckaway Lake Improvement Association (PLIA) appreciates that need. However, the plan calling for construction of new campsites with water and electric hookups so near a very crowded and vulnerable stretch of the lake is flawed. It threatens the health of the lake as well as its wildlife because of loss of habitat and likely shoreline erosion, not to mention the loss of recreational opportunities and spread of milfoil.

These photos show the stretch along the North Channel that would be affected. For these reasons, the PLIA opposes the existing design of the expansion, as proposed. The State has told us that the design is “conceptual” and can be modified.  Based on that understanding, we want those campsites to be relocated away from the water, where they will not threaten the delicate balance of our lake. If you would like to weigh in on this project, we urge you to send a letter or email to our state officials voicing your opinion. We have drafted a letter summarizing these problems and encourage you to use it, modify its message, or draft one of your own to alert government officials about your concerns. We also have drawn up a list of officials and their contact information. For more information or feedback, please contact the PLIA at Info@pawtuckawaylake.com.

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  1. Swimming is not advised due to high bacteria levels, invasive weeds are spreading and threatening our town beach. I’ll note that the invasive plants were brought to our lake from the campground boat launch. How about charging out of state visitors 15% more to use the park, call it a weed tax. 5% to the PLIA invasive fund, 10% to the state parks.

    If they must, then add 10 sites, call them privacy sites, and charge a premium. They should not all be camper sites, 5 should be remote similar to R 1. Preserve the riparian. Lake Squam is a good example of this. It’s been lost on the developed side of the lake, maybe we can maintain it on the state side.

    NH parks is not in sync with the challenges we are facing today with Pawtucaway Lake.

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