New Milfoil Divers on the Lake!

On Saturday July 6th, three open water certified SCUBA divers were trained and certified in exotic milfoil weed removal. We now have FOUR Pawtuckaway divers to remove milfoil when we find it!

FINDING the new growths of variable milfoil is the hard part of this important work.  Our team of snorkelers has been working overtime in search of new plants and growths. Once plants are found and identified, they are marked with floating markers. Then the divers know where to find the plants for removal.

In addition, we trained three topside “tenders” in kayaks who assist the divers to maximize their underwater time for search and removal. We need to train more of these topside tenders to protect the divers and snorkel search teams from wayward boaters, keep them supplied with tools and materials, and cart off the removed plants.  It’s a big job! In the photo below you will note the “diver down” flags strategically placed to indicate where divers are located.












In the last week we have logged over 60 hours in volunteer time on this most important mission.

Special thanks to Ted Aldrich ( who made the trip from Keene to train our volunteers for an 8 hour day!

Thanks to all our members who support our Lake Host and Weed Control Programs with your higher level dues donations.  It helps our reimbursement for materials, supplies, and training.

If you are interested in these volunteer activities, please contact us at

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