Everyone on the Lake Should Become a Weed Watcher

by Steve Soreff
Let me tell you why.
A homeowner and boater on Gove’s Cove called in a suspicious underwater growth there. Within 17 minutes, a member of the Weed Watchers checked it out. Within five hours, Amy Smagula at NH Department of Environmental Services verified the photo as most likely Milfoil.
7:31 pm June 30, 2018, Gove’s Cove: note growth at bottom of photo
Within 24 hours, the Milfoil Management Team snorkeled and confirmed the diagnosis, then placed boat warning signs on the growth. In the following week Amy visited the site, NH DES divers removed significant parts of the growth, and the Milfoil Team surveyed the location.
This is a wake-up call for all of us! Amy indicated that this milfoil infestation had likely been there for two years.
The bottom line: if you swim, boat, kayak, paddle board, fish, canoe, live on the shores of the lake, or garden on the shoreline, your eyes are critical to early detection. As the saying goes, IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. The homeowner did exactly that. He noticed something new and different in his cove. He called it in!!
I will train anyone and everyone on becoming a Weed Watcher. I can do it in about an hour. You can come to my home or I will go to yours. Steve Soreff, Co-Captain Pawtuckaway Lake Weed Watchers, a program of the PLIA. Email soreffs15@aol.com or call home 603 895-6120 or mobile 603 568-3202. Hope to see you real soon!!!
Let’s all SEE SOMETHING and DO SOMETHING to protect Pawtuckaway Lake.

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