Annual Pawtuckaway Lake Islands Clean-Up


Recently Pawtuckaway Lake Weed Watchers conducted their annual island trash pick-up on the weekend of Saturday December 3 and Sunday December 4.

For safety, volunteers don life vests, warm clothing, and waterproof shoes or boots and employ the buddy system because of potential danger in icy waters.pam-island-trashjim-island-trash

This year, the lake level dropped for the winter later in the season than usual.  But when the water level is low and before the snow comes, more of the shoreline is exposed, both around the lake front and the islands. That’s the best time to spot and remove some of the debris that has accumulated during the busy summer season.  Trash, items that have fallen from watercraft or washed off shores, the remains of fireworks displays, and other recreational items left behind by visitors are more visible when the water is low.  In the summer, currents wash this debris to the rocky island perimeters, where it is exposed to view in the late fall and can be collected.rabbit-island-trash

Despite a cold stiff breeze, many of the Weed Watchers braved the elements and picked up trash on and around the islands. They reported less trash than they removed last year.  This annual event represents the PLIA’s commitment to protect and preserve the natural beauty the lake.  And, as if on cue, it snowed Monday, December 5, demonstrating that timing is everything.


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