PLIA Local Hero Award for 2018

This collage shows a few of Don’s activities on Pawtuckaway

Don Roberge, Pawtuckaway camper, fisherman, and volunteer extraordinaire was chosen to receive the PLIA Local Hero Award at this year’s Annual Meeting of the PLIA. He was celebrated for his extraordinary efforts to conserve, protect, and improve Pawtuckaway Lake, largely from the campgrounds of the State Park where he loves to pitch his tent throughout the season. Although he is a resident of Manchester, Don has long been a fan of the lake and spends countless hours enjoying its beauty from his campsite and on his boat. He has volunteered with the PLIA’s Weed Watchers, has joined the crew on road cleanup days, and has stayed into the fall to help clean up the island trash that gets exposed when the lake level is lowered. He decorates his boat for the PLIA Fourth of July Boat Parade and recently even donated a bench to the State Park near his favorite campsite. It is situated specifically to watch the glorious sunsets from the North Channel, and Don recommends it  for that purpose. But he also invites the public to rest and relax while their senses take in the beauty of the lake and its wildlife. Thank you, Don, for all you do!



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