Diver Alert

Do you know what this flag means?  Have you seen one on the lake?  If you do, this is the Diver-Down flag.  It means that a diver or snorkeler is within 75 feet of their flag.  It also means that ALL boats/vessels must stay at least 150 feet from a displayed Diver-Down flag per NH State law.

Frequently there are divers and snorkelers in South Channel searching for milfoil plants, to identify any plants that may have taken root and mark them for removal.


For the safety of these divers and snorkelers who volunteer their time for the benefit of the lake, we ask that you respect this flag, keep your distance, and reduce your speed.  Please remember that South Channel is a no wake zone and speeds should be kept down at all times, anyway.  There are markers at both ends of the channel as reminders. And please spread the word!

Thanks as always for your support.



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