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Pawtuckaway Lake evolved from two smaller ponds that were united when dams in the 18th century raised the water level to eliminate the exposed land between them.  The map above shows the relative locations of these two ponds.  The name of the merged ponds officially became Pawtuckaway in the mid 20th century.

The Pawtuckaway Lake Improvement Association (PLIA) has been conserving, protecting, and enhancing the natural resources of the water and wildlife of Pawtuckaway Lake since at least 1958.

Over the course of its existence, the PLIA has accomplished numerous achievements in service of its mission, thanks to the tireless dedication of its many volunteers.

In guiding this nonprofit organization, the PLIA’s leadership is drawn from the community of people who love Pawtuckaway Lake and wish to serve its mission.

For further information about the PLIA or to offer your time as a volunteer, contact us and your questions will be gladly answered.

To learn about the structure of our organization, you are invited to read the Bylaws of the PLIA.